What is SEBS?

SEBS stands for Specific Enzyme Bacterial System.

SEBS incorporates specific technologies to solve numerous industrial, commercial and institutional problems which result from organic waste.

SEBS high tech culture will not harm humans, animals, fish or plants.

SEBS 100% alive bacteria will reduce organic waste, eliminates odors, reduce nitrite, nitrate phosphate and hydrogen sulfide, without creating any by-products.

SEBS products are used today in a variety of waste treatment applications.

SEBS is highly dedicated to the development and manufacture of high quality environmentally friendly and responsible biotechnological products.

Why use SEBS?

The important thing to remember about biological products is that you are dealing with live organisms. Each generation becomes less and less effective. As the bacteria eat & reproduce in these non-laboratory conditions, the products effectiveness decreases rapidly.

By the time the product is purchased for use, the buyer has no guarantee of any effectiveness. E.S.T. utilizes a special process called “micro encapsulation”. After growing bacteria in laboratory certified conditions to insure first generation potency, our process creates a protective barrier around each cell. The bacteria are neither dead or alive but rather in a state of suspended animation or “dormancy”. When the activator “protein and folic acid balance food” is introduced, the plasmid DNA is activated and only after that the activation process begins. This process provides a shelf life of a minimum of one year.

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